What is boutique fitness?

Can you really take a fancy word like boutique and combine it with a word that makes one think of sweat?  Well, we did.  So yes!  Don't get us wrong, we certainly don't think that us women are fragile little butterflies.  Quite the opposite actually.  We like to think of ourselves as bad ass mothers who happen to also enjoy the nicer things in life.  Why should we have to stare at a cinder block wall while some guy that's pretending to use the rower behind us is staring at our butts while we run on a treadmill like a hopeless hamster stuck on a wheel?  Why should we choke on the pungent smell of stale sweat and dirty socks?  Why should we get dirty looks from the twenty something year old that has the unfair advantage of a fast metabolism and that guy that ALWAYS has his shirt off and grunts like a gorilla in heat when we grab some 5lb weights.  Why should we feel like we don't belong and dread going to this place?

No, that will not do.  Not for us.  We've worked hard to create a life we've always wanted.  We work hard to give the very best to the ones we love.  So when it comes time to take care of ourselves and our bodies (which is SUPER important), why would we settle for anything less than what we truly deserve?  Enter Boutique Fitness.  It's really quite simple actually.  It's everything you've ever wanted in a gym and nothing that you hate about it.  But let's agree to never use that foul word again, ok?  You go to a fitness studio now, love.  Sounds chic right?  Besides, everyone has a weird uncle Jim or crazy cousin Jimmy that they'd rather not be reminded of.  And now I present you with what to expect from a boutique fitness studio...

The pleasant experience begins before you even enter the studio.  You notice the fancy frosted glass door with the words "women's boutique fitness studio" - so you know you're in the right place!  Upon entering you'll notice a light aroma of lavender (or thieves if we've just finished an aerial yoga class - wait, aerial yoga?!  Yes, be patient young grasshopper).  Most likely there will be R&B music flowing through the air.  You'll notice the beautiful hardwood floor under your feet and the stylish, royal blue, wingback chairs to your left.  Directly in front of you is a gorgeous custom made reception desk with a smiling face behind it welcoming you.  And then it all comes together and you realize that this gym - no, no...studio - has a reception area much like a spa.  And we love spas!  So far, so good.  But it gets better...

The space opens up past that gorgeous custom made desk that we mentioned, but not too big.  We're going for a more intimate feel.  Remember, boutique studio, not warehouse gym.  This is were the magic happens, the friendships are built, and the transformation begins.  Running along the entire length of the longest wall is a rose gold ballet barre.  Yep, rose gold - because it screams boutique.  Behind the fanciest ballet barre you've ever seen are five large framed mirrors (from ikea, because we like to do boutique on a budget y'all).  And the words "Ready. Sweat. Glow" above those mirrors.  One of the flanking walls has a large window to let in natural light and the opposite wall has a large mural that reads "nothing but a G thang" - because we're a little bit boujee.  You'll also find a wet bar in this magically establishment complete with a stocked mini fridge and champagne flutes.  We like to treat ourselves after a hard workout once in awhile, ya heard?

There's so much more.  Small details, like complimentary deodorant, dry shampoo, and tampons in case you forgot anything - we've got your back girl!  But like a classy lady, we don't want to give away all our secrets at once.  You'll have to meet us in person to find out more about us.  But we did mention the aerial yoga earlier so lets go back to that for a hot second.  We like to offer different, new, exciting ways to get your fit on so you don't get bored or plateau in your journey of health.  Along with hip hop yoga, we also offer aerial yoga, which is done using aerial hammocks and is AMAZING!  In this type of yoga you can achieve deeper stretches, better form, and more inverted inversions.  Plus you'll look super awesome doing it!  Yes, we will take pictures of you looking super awesome to share on social media - just tag us, okay?

If you're intrigued, stalk us on social media or just pop into the studio.  We'd love to meet you and have you join our tribe!